Issue #23

September 5th 2023

Issue 23 of D365 Marketing Weekly

So much fantastic content was published last week! We’ve got articles from several new bloggers which I love to see on all different areas of D365 Marketing. Wondering, should I change the name of the newsletter? Customer Insights Journeys Weekly just doesn’t have the same ring to it… 🤔

As always, if you spot anything you think would be worth a mention, just let me know by emailing [email protected]. Always good to know of others posting about D365 Marketing or if you see anything else other marketers should know about.

Now let’s get on with the newsletter!

D365 Marketing

The following relate to news and articles about Dynamics 365 Marketing

Participation in Journeys for Contacts and Leads


It would be great to have something like this out of the box, but the ability to see which Journeys a Contact or Lead has participated in is just not there yet. BUT we can sometimes use other tools to create this instead. Great job by Pauline for creating a way to show which Journeys a Contact or Lead has gone through. While this won’t be right for organisations doing millions of communication messages, this is perfect for many! She’s also just added a subscribe feature so make sure you sign up so you don’t miss future blogs!

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A Mini Series - The Real World Benefits - Data


This is the second in the series by Kelly, where she looks at the real world benefits of using D365 Marketing. A harsh reality for many organisations is poor or unreliable data. Those in the marketing department are the ones least likely to be responsible for the accuracy of the data, but need it to be as complete as possible to send people through meaningful journeys. So check out this one from Kelly!

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Tip #17 No Outbound anymore for new installs


Vivian noticed last week, prior to the 1st September (when the new ‘Customer Insights’ was launched) that any new installs of D365 Marketing were now coming without the Outbound area. New installs had only Real-time, Event Planning, Settings and Training. Have you noticed anything else that’s different?

Tip #17 No Outbound anymore for new installs

Copilot: your new marketing colleague in Dynamics 365 Marketing


Have you met your new friend? Your new marketing colleague? Renée has written an article all about Copilot in D365 Marketing. It’s based on OpenAI’s GPT, so hopefully it should be good right? There is more on the way from Microsoft, but take a look at this good summary article from Renée from BusinessBase. It’s in Dutch but you can easily translate it in the browser!

Copilot: your new marketing colleague in Dynamics 365 Marketing

Exploring Events in Real-Time Marketing: Part One – Activating Features and Setting up Event Registration


I was very happy to see a new blog launched last week, and even better that it had a focus on D365 Marketing. Carl Gustavsson has written a great article all about events in real-time marketing. He walks through the features, and creating your form. I love the humour that comes through in his writing. Definitely one to check out and subscribe too (look in the footer of the blog)!

Adding Additional Compliance Profiles


Hopefully you have already read the previous three blogs in the Compliance series. We looked at creating Compliance Profiles and Realtime Marketing Subscription Forms, and Moving Consent from Subscription Lists to Realtime Marketing Topics. What if you need to create additional preference centres? If you have tried this already, you may have noticed the option to ‘use previously captured consent’ but what does this actually mean and how does it work? This blog will explain. Read on!

Adding Additional Compliance Profiles

Including Event Session Information On Your Power Page Website


So far in this series on creating an Events Portal using a Power Page Website we’ve looked at creating an overview of Events, navigating to a single event and registering using one event registration form, displaying details of the event, the event host, and the event speakers. In this post we will look at displaying sessions should your Event have any. Note that this example is based on a one day event with only one track, so if someone registers for the event they have access to all of them. Let’s take a look!

Including Event Session Information On Your Power Page Website


If there are any upcoming events relating to Marketing, they will go here!

South Coast Summit


A reminder that South Coast Summit is coming up next month! 13th and 14th October at Farnborough International Exhibition & Conference Centre in England. So if you haven’t already registered and want to do so, don’t delay! It’s one of the biggest events here in the UK for Dynamics, the Power Platform and the entire Microsoft stack of products.

Other Content

Other Marketing content you might find useful

Future of Work Report


An interesting report with the latest on AI and its impact on the future of work. This includes new data from LinkedIn showing how AI is shaping the world of work and how professionals and companies are adapting to this emerging technology. Have you embraced it yet?

Future of Work Report

Meet Microsoft Office’s new default font: Aptos


I noticed the other day in an email from someone they had used a really nice font named Aptos. When I Googled it, a ton of articles came up from a few months ago to state that Microsoft is replacing the Calibri default font with Aptos. I’ve not seen it rolled out in anything I use yet, so I am curious if this is just old news and no longer a ‘thing’. Do you use it? Have you seen it?

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GA4 is still stressing out marketers: Here’s why


Every call I have been on in the past few months, if Google Analytics comes up it’s with a groan, and total frustration. People DO NOT LIKE GA4!!! In this interview with co-founder of a marketing agency, Constantine asks questions to ask his thoughts on how people have handled the switchover.

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