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March 12th 2024

Issue 45 of D365 Marketing Weekly

Hi lovely reader,

I’m seeing more and more people write about Customer Insights Journeys and Customer Insights Data which is fantastic! So many great posts with a lot more to add in over the past few weeks. If you are writing content (or thinking about it), keep it coming!

As always, if you spot anything you think would be worth a mention, just let me know by emailing [email protected]. Always good to know of others posting about D365 Marketing or if you see anything else other marketers should know about.

Now let’s get on with the newsletter!

D365 Marketing

The following relate to news and articles about Dynamics 365 Marketing

Real-time form submission failed with "Error after target entity update from submission"


Last week I wrote about resolving an error creating records from Realtime Marketing Forms. This past weekend I noticed a post from Jake Chen that covers a different error, the ‘Error after target entity update from submission’ one. Check out Jake’s post for more information (and look out for one coming soon from me for a script you can use to make things a bit prettier for the submitter!). Jake is on fire right now with a ton of awesome content!

Real-time form submission failed with "Error after target entity update from submission"

MarTech March Part 2 and Part 3


Pauline has been working more on her MarTech March blog series, with Parts 2 and 3 ready to go. I am loving the series and also the images used, was that done with AI I wonder? 🤔In Part 2 she covers Copilot in Customer Insights Journeys and in Part 3 it’s Copilot in Customer Insights Data. Use the button below to get to all three of the series and bookmark for upcoming ones too!

MB-260: Identify data sources that support incremental updates & Configure incremental refresh


Malin has two new posts in her series on MB-260 which is the Microsoft certification on Customer Insights Data.. One covers how to identify data sources that will support incremental updates, while the other one shows how to actually configure incremental refresh of your data sources. Are you following along and preparing to take the exam in the future? Use the button below to access the main page with links to all of the individual posts on this topic from Malin.

MB-260: Identify data sources that support incremental updates & Configure incremental refresh

The Art of Reply-To


Another great post from Renée, all about the art of Reply-To, with three reasons why you should use a good reply-to email address in your email marketing, and definitely should stay away from those ‘no-reply’ email addresses. It might be something you’ve not put much thought in to, but she has, and shared her thoughts and insights. Great post Renée!

The Art of Reply-To

Why you should think twice before you respond to link clicks in journeys


Another great post from Jake, which explains why using link clicks in journeys isn’t always the best idea, reviewing the ways in which your emails can get clicks from more than just the people you send them to. If you aren’t sure what this even means, this is definitely a post to check out. Once you’ve read that, time for another review (if you’ve not done so already) of Pauline Kolde’s recent post where she shows how to use a series tile that might help circumvent some of these challenges.

Why you should think twice before you respond to link clicks in journeys


If there are any upcoming events relating to Marketing, they will go here!

ColorCloud Hamburg


I’ve mentioned this event before, but seeing it mentioned more and more, and it looks like it’s going to be an awesome event! If you can get to Hamburg, Germany on April 18th and 19th, this might be an event for you. So many fantastic sessions to get to.

Other Content

Other Marketing content you might find useful

LinkedIn profile data in Microsoft profile card services


I thought this was an interesting article from LinkedIn that also impacts Microsoft 365 applications like Teams, Outlook and Windows. It specifically shows how to change your own privacy settings to determine if your profile can be previewed in Microsoft applications. So even if you don’t care about your own settings, know that others do, so this could be a reason you aren’t able to see LinkedIn profile information if you are using any of those applications as an organisation.

The Impact of Google & Yahoo Sender Requirements on European Businesses


I love the DMARCIAN website, full of awesome tools and resources, plus, a great blog! This article looks at the impact of the recent changes from Google & Yahoo on sender requirements and covers the potential impacts on European businesses, addressing the complications of implementing DMARC across the European email ecosystem. It’s a very interesting article.

The zero-sum game of social media: When going viral spells disaster


Are you using social media as part of your marketing and advertising? This article looks at what used to be a place for growth and creativity can now be a viral disaster waiting to happen. Going viral can mean your brands name being degraded with the potential to be ‘cancelled’ looming. Take a look at this one.

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