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April 2nd 2024

Issue 48 of D365 Marketing Weekly

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D365 Marketing

The following relate to news and articles about Dynamics 365 Marketing

Removing Email Addresses From Suppression In D365 Marketing


In a previous post, I reviewed the ability to manage consent from Contact and Lead records in Customer Insights โ€“ Journeys (D365 Marketing). As of the time of writing this post, that is still a preview feature for removing email addresses from suppression. Another preview feature is the ability to remove email addresses from suppression, giving you the ability to remove emails from the suppression list yourself, without the need to go to support. This post will show you what it look like when reviewing and updating the email suppression status, and the difference if you have BOTH of the features turned on. Thanks to an eagle eyed reader who pointed this out!

Segments in Customer Insights - Journeys: Quotes & Products


Amey has done it again and come up with an awesome post on segment building in Realtime, this one is all about building segments using Quotes and Quote Products, which is great if you want to send content about special offers or deals for specific products. Love this one!


If there are any upcoming events relating to Marketing, they will go here!

Dynamics 365 Customer Insights & Marketing Bootcamp


If you can get to Portugal at the end of the month, this one might be for you. This is a full crash course day on Friday 26th April, right before the Dynamics 365 Summit held on the Saturday. There is a cost to attend, and ideally you also get to stay for the conference. Youโ€™ll spend a full day digging in to Customer Insights Journeys AND Customer Insights Data.

Other Content

Other Marketing content you might find useful

Inside AI with Dan Rumney, Software Engineer at Sutro


I found this one interesting for two reasonsโ€ฆ. first because itโ€™s an interview with a software engineer working at a company who has a lot of focus on AI, and second because itโ€™s one of my brothers being interviewed. ๐Ÿ˜„Should we be concerned? How should using AI be handled by organisations? Take a look, it explains things clearly and a way we can all understand.

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