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April 22nd 2024

Issue 51 of D365 Marketing Weekly

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D365 Marketing

The following relate to news and articles about Dynamics 365 Marketing

April 2024 Update - Customer Insights Journeys


Some of you may already have updated this yourselves, and also Microsoft may have already updated it for you, but if you are not aware, the April Update is ready for you! There isn’t a whole lot this time, but a couple of preview items are now Generally available, there is the new campaigns feature I shared about in a previous release, changes to improve reliability of insights, and introducing the spam score feature to Realtime emails that was missing for customers who had never had Outbound before. Go check out the release notes!

April 2024 Update - Customer Insights Journeys

Send Unique Event Registration Response Emails For Each Event Using No Code


Back in June 2022, I wrote a blog showing how you could create a custom trigger, and build a couple of flows in Power Automate to generate one journey for ALL of your Events if you wanted to. The challenge otherwise was there was no way to get a unique ics file for each person that registered for the event. So if you followed this blog post, you might have built it. This is NO LONGER NEEDED, and you can do the same thing without creating any flows, no custom triggers required and DEFINITELY NO CODE!!! This post will look at how to send unique event registration response emails for each event using no code at all.

The Art of Prompt Engineering in MarTech


Pauline has written another post in her MarTech series, with this one all about the art of prompt engineering. She refers to Prompt Engineering as crafting precise prompts to ensure AI comprehends and responds accurately to inquiries. Improving your prompts will make campaign and content creation more efficient and accurate. Have a look at her tips for being more effective!

The Art of Prompt Engineering in MarTech

Moving marketing data through environments


Kelly shares some of the tips she has gathered when working with clients and needing to move things like segments, emails and journeys through from one Dynamics 365 environment to another. Good to understand what is possible should you come across this situation yourself!

Moving marketing data through environments


If there are any upcoming events relating to Marketing, they will go here!

DynamicsMinds - Slovenia


I’m just going to copy and share the event description directly from the website, because this one is pretty awesome, DynamicsMinds in May, Portoroz, Slovenia. We all know that Dynamics 365 apps operate on pure magic, not to mention Power Platform with severe magic effects, which makes us all, Dynamics 365 and Power Platform professionals and users, well, a bit Witches and Wizards 🧙‍♀️🧙‍♂️. So fellow community members, sharpen your magic wands, flip through your spell books, sort out your secret recipes and join DynamicsMinds, a community conference covering all chambers of BizApps in second edition.

DynamicsMinds - Slovenia

CXP User Group Meetup - April Edition


Pauline Kolde presented recently at the ColorCloud event in Hamburg, Germany. If you were unable to attend, she is presenting online on Monday 29th. Her session, "Trigger me softly: How to build killer real-time journeys," will be presented in English. This should be a great meetup session and it’s free for everyone!

CXP User Group Meetup - April Edition

Other Content

Other Marketing content you might find useful

The state of GA4, one year after the big migration


I’ve cursed GA4 many times over the past year… and slowly I guess I’ve grown to accept it. In this article, Constantine von Hoffman chats with Sharon Mostyn, CEO of Mostyn Marketing Group and asks what is better and what is worse about Google Analytics 4, one year on from the move away from Universal Analytics.

The state of GA4, one year after the big migration

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