Issue #3

April 4th 2023

Issue 3 of D365 Marketing Weekly

This week we’ve got some information about Copilot and how it relates to D365 Marketing. I’ve added some tools I think every marketer should be aware of when looking for help and support in how to use all of the features in the app, and information about a great upcoming workshop on GDPR and D365 Marketing.

If you spot anything you think would be worth a mention, just let me know by emailing [email protected]. Always good to know of others posting about D365 Marketing or if you see anything else other marketers should know about.

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D365 Marketing

The following relate to news and articles about Dynamics 365 Marketing

Real-time Marketing Asset Library Add-on Retired


This may not impact all customers (if you are not using Real-time Marketing yet, but definitely something to be aware of. The real-time marketing library add-on has been retired and will be removed by June 30, 2023. All customers will automatically be migrated to the unified asset library, which adds support for shared Dynamics 365 features such as support for business units, security roles for asset management and application lifecycle management. One to pay attention to just in case!

Real-time Marketing Asset library add-on retired

Microsoft D365 Copilot


The term Copilot has been all OVER the place, but did you know it’s also featured in Dynamics 365 Marketing? It’s used in real-time Marketing segments (in preview) and apparently will be used to help marketers with content suggestions in their emails.

Microsoft D365 Copilot

Microsoft AI Tools with Dynamics 365 Copilot


If you don’t already subscribe to and read MS Dynamics World, it’s one to check out. This article is also about the new AI tools and how Copilot fits in to Dynamics 365 and the areas in Customer Insights and Dynamics 365 Marketing.

Microsoft AI Tools with Dynamics 365 Copilot

MB-220 Configure marketing applications


Last week I shared that Malin Martnes had started a series of blogs that were designed to help people studying for the MB-220 exam for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing Functional Consultant. In this article it’s about configuring the Marketing App. Don’t forget to check out information about the book she wrote too!

MB-220 Marketing Exam

Known issues and workarounds


Do you ever come across something in the Marketing App that doesn’t seem to work the way you think it should, or wonder if there is a bug? Often those things are already known and Microsoft are aware and working on fixing things. The easiest thing to do before submitting a support ticket is to check out their known issues and workarounds page on the documentation site.

D365 Marketing known issues and workarounds

Dynamics 365 Marketing Forum


As someone who gets a LOT of emails and messages asking for how to do something, I feel like the community forum for Marketing is perhaps not something people always think of for getting help. However, there are a TON of knowledgeable people responding to questions, including members of the D365 Marketing product team from Microsoft. It’s also a great way to help out others. You post your question and get an answer, someone else can learn from it to. Win Win!

Dynamics 365 Marketing Forum


If there are any upcoming events relating to Marketing, they will go here!

Be GDPR compliant with D365 Marketing

Be GDPR compliant with D365 Marketing

The wonderful Vivian Voss is holding a workshop at the upcoming Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power Platform Conference in Slovenia on May 22nd. The event is for 3 days, with Vivian’s workshop on the first day. She will be covering GDPR and how to be compliant using consent and other tools in Dynamics 365 Marketing. So, if you want to know more, AND fancy a little trip to Slovenia, this might be the event for you!

Other Content

Other Marketing content you might find useful

Design Wars: Microsoft Designer versus Canva

Design Wars: Microsoft Designer versus Canva

I shared information about Microsoft Designer last week. For many organisations, hiring a graphic designer isn’t an option and marketers have to ‘make do’ with free tools where they can. This article looks at Microsoft Designer versus Canvas.

Google Analytics 4


I’ve had quite a few emails about Google Analytics 4 and asking if I’m going to do a 30 day series like I did with Universal Analytics. Short answer, no. I’m not an expert, not even all that knowledgeable and definitely not a topic I am going to write about or do another video series on. Instead, if you are curious and want to learn, I am suggesting reading through articles from a company called Optimize Smart who seem to know their stuff! Himanshu Sharma has written a ton of fantastic content.

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