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August 8th 2023

Issue 19 of D365 Marketing Weekly

Issue 19 is here, and we are approaching the 1,000 subscribers mark. That’s crazy! Thanks to everyone who has subscribed and reads the newsletter each week. This week has posts from some ‘new’ people I found who’ve started blogging about D365 Marketing, so show them some love and support. Keep going guys, I love seeing the new content!

As always, if you spot anything you think would be worth a mention, just let me know by emailing [email protected]. Always good to know of others posting about D365 Marketing or if you see anything else other marketers should know about.

Now let’s get on with the newsletter!

D365 Marketing

The following relate to news and articles about Dynamics 365 Marketing

Create Dynamic Event Page Using Liquid Web Template For Your Events Portal


In the previous post in this series, we looked at adding the JavaScript for a Realtime Event Registration Form to a Web Page in a Power Portal. Although this approach wasn’t wrong, it meant that for each Event you would need a new Web Page… AND it’s likely that the people on your team who work in Marketing are likely not the same people comfortable with editing the portal. In this post we will look at creating a Web Template using Liquid and HTML to display an individual Event record. Let’s take a look!

What happened to posting to Twitter?


If you’ve been to any events over the past few years, you may have been lucky enough to catch a session from Vivian. She focuses on D365 Marketing, Customer Insights and overall Customer Experience functionality. She found out recently that posts from the Marketing App to Twitter are failing. If you using the social posting functionality, make sure you read on to find out what is going on!

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Create complex segments and find the right target audience


I’m always happy to find new blogs and especially people who are writing about D365 Marketing. Pauline Kolde is in Germany, and is not only posting in her native language, but also posting those same articles in English too. Impressive! She’s dividing up her site with articles on Dynamics 365 Customer Insights Journeys (Marketing), Customer Insights Data (Customer Insights) and Customer Voice. Here is a link to one of her recent articles on creating segments. Can’t wait to see more from you Pauline!

Use Dataverse Table Create/Update operations in Custom Trigger to add wait in the Real Time Journeys!


Another person who has blogged about D365 Marketing is Siddhesh Chavan, and I hope to see more articles on the way! This one is about using customer triggers to add wait times in a Realtime Marketing Journey. Adding wait times in a journey can be helpful, but we don’t always know how long to wait. This example looks at waiting until a trigger has been activated, and a specific value is set before the journey continues. Great work Siddhesh!

Microsoft to make Dynamics 365 Marketing a part of D365 Customer Insights


Last week we had a lot on the merge news from Microsoft, bringing D365 Marketing in as a part of D365 Customer Insights. Still recent news though, so I wanted to share an article from MSDynamicsWorld which shares thoughts and insights from people at Microsoft, oh and something from me in there too! Thanks for including Jason!😊

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If there are any upcoming events relating to Marketing, they will go here!

Community Summit


The next Community Summit event is coming up October 15th to the 20th in Charlotte, North Carolina USA. If you can make it, this is one not to be missed. Summit NA has unmatched value with 500+ ‘For User, By User’ educational sessions to deliver end-to-end learning around all versions of Dynamics 365 FO/AX, CE/CRM & BC/NAV, Dynamics GP, Power Platform and the rise of AI through Copilot.

Other Content

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Microsoft Honors DMARC Enforcement Policies


This one might be a little more technical, but a change from Microsoft and the way it handles DMARC functionality might be of significance to some. Previously Microsoft treated DMARC reject policy the same way as it handled quarantine. This meant emails may appear to be rejected when not entirely accurate. The change being rolled out for paid Microsoft 365 enterprise accounts means a choice can now be made on how to handle email that fail DMARC validation. Read the article from DMARCIAN for more information.

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