Issue #4

April 11th 2023

Issue 4 of D365 Marketing Weekly

I thought it would be a slow news day because of the long weekend so many people had, but if you read nothing else, make sure you check out the first item in the newsletter. April 2023 release for D365 Marketing is PACKED!!! That is not an exaggeration. Make sure you read through it and make yourself aware of what can be used now and what has arrived in public preview!

If you spot anything you think would be worth a mention, just let me know by emailing [email protected]. Always good to know of others posting about D365 Marketing or if you see anything else other marketers should know about.

Now let’s get on with the newsletter!

D365 Marketing

The following relate to news and articles about Dynamics 365 Marketing

April 2023 Update - D365 Marketing


I’m not easily impressed… 😉but the latest April release for D365 Marketing is pretty epic. There are 12 items that are now generally available, meaning you can use them as supported features. Some of my favourites, setting limits to cap the number of emails that can be sent, UTM tracking now GA, and oh what a thing of beauty the updated Insights tab on a Contact record is. The new enhanced journey reminders is in public preview and there are a further 3 items as enhancements. Thanks Microsoft!

April 2023 Update D365 Marketing

Business Email Validation Message On D365 Marketing Forms


I was asked recently by a client about making sure D365 Marketing forms could be submitted if the email was a business email address. Although we can’t necessarily know if an email is NOT from a business, we can definitely make sure submissions are not allowed using email addresses with generic domains like Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail and show the user an email validation message if used. Let’s get in to the good stuff!

Business Email Validation Message on D365 Marketing Forms

Custom UTM Tracking In D365 Marketing


Automatic UTM Tracking (or tagging) went in to public preview February 2023, and I wrote about how to use it to get the most from Google Analytics (and other analytic tools). Since the preview came out, it's had a few changes that are definitely worth reviewing to give you more custom UTM tracking. Plus, the functionality is now Generally Available! Let's check out the new stuff!

Custom UTM Tracking in D365 Marketing

How To Create Marketing Form Submission Records With Flow


This one is a bit of an edge case, but thought it might be useful for anyone wanting to do something similar, or just have a better understanding of the different types of records that make up a D365 Marketing form submission. Nishant had a need to create a form submission using a flow in Power Automate, so figured out what bound action to use and wrote about it. As he mentioned, it’s not an officially supported scenario, so use with caution!

How To Create Marketing Form Submission Records With Flow


If there are any upcoming events relating to Marketing, they will go here!

Watch the Microsoft Business Applications Launch Event


The Biz Apps Launch event was April 4th. If you missed it, you can still watch it on demand. As with a lot of these events, they are going to show you all the bells and whistles, but keep in mind some of the features demonstrated aren’t necessarily available yet. Watch from about the 21 minute mark if you just want to see some of the D365 Marketing related features, including a nice overview of the proposed Wave 1 feature, updated scoring models for Real-time Marketing.

Other Content

Other Marketing content you might find useful

6 Google Alerts Everyone Should Create


I wrote this article over a year ago, but I am still amazed by how little marketers seem to use Google Alerts. It was the first place I went to when setting up this newsletter so that I could receive emails letting me know about news, videos and articles on various topics of interest. While you might start putting together some alerts for the organisation you work for, it’s also a good idea to set some up for yourself too, especially if you create your own content or might be mentioned online by others.

6 Google Alerts Everyone Should Create

The end of marketing or a new beginning? The truth about AI


This one caught my eye. I haven’t liked AI at all as it relates to Marketing. I think as marketers we should know our product or service, and be skilled and talented enough to create engaging copy and source great imagery. Well, like it or not, I think I might need to readjust this train of thought. I have just started to embrace ChatGPT after seeing some incredible results that helped me on a project. Check out this article if you are AI curious.

The end of marketing or a new beginning? The truth about AI

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